Speaker Spotlight: Chantelle Bowyer

We asked each of our speakers a few questions about themselves and their connection with WordPress – here’s what Chantelle had to say.

Chantelle BowyerChantelle’s major strength lies in the lethal combo of WordPress, Adwords and Analytics. Since founding her business, Metis Marketing, four years ago, she’s helped countless SMEs not only start their digital journey, but also improve it. She’s got Google on speed dial, loves a round of Futsal, believes that working remotely is best practice and isn’t afraid to take on (and fire for that matter) any client thanks to her Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) training.

How are you involved with WordPress and the WordPress community?

WordPress forms an integral part of my company, Metis. Although we are first and foremost a Google Advertising agency, due to WordPress I truly believe we are able to outperform our competitors. Why? WordPress makes it so easy for us to take our analysis of a clients site and implement changes. There are also SO many resources available, so for example a client is seeing a low conversion rate on Mobile, we are able to get assistance from the WordPress community on which is the best approach to improve these stats for our clients. Happier Clients means they stay and they refer …. oh and they PAY.

What excites you most about WordPress?

Well I am a not the tech buff when it comes to WordPress. I leave that to my developers but I think what excites me is the constant development that is happening on the platform. It drives my staff to continuously better themselves and provide the best solution to our clients.

If you could have one super power, what would it be and why?

When I grow up I want to be Sydney Bristow 😛 She can do anything! Ok so it’s not a Super Power but I got greedy and wanted the whole package 😉

I guess I would choose teleportation, I would be able to get through more in a day, and attend so many more events 🙂

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