Speaker Spotlight: Bill Belew

We asked each of our speakers a few questions about themselves and their connection with WordPress – here’s what Bill had to say.

Bill BelewBill Belew, PhD is professor of Social Media Marketing in Silicon Valley, CA. His sites have garnered more than 90,000,000 unique visitors total in many niches. Bill regularly teaches international audiences and his local network of 5,000 members how to get more legitimate visitors and sales for their products.

How are you involved with WordPress and the WordPress community?

I have been using WordPress as a professional blogger for many years.

I have watched WordPress grow up and become the CMS of choice for businesses of all sizes. I recommend WordPress to new businesses coming online and established businesses that want to incorporate content marketing into their strategy.

I am a front end WordPress guy relying on the dudes behind me to keep it working well and looking sharp while providing the site designers with the know how to get people to show up to the cool sites they build.

What excites you most about WordPress?

If a person can read and write in English and has an internet connection, I can give them a job. I can and I want to give a job to everyone in the world.

WordPress is integral to this scheme because it is free and it open. Not to mention it is very intuitive.

If I have a WordPress blog and hosting, I can not only touch the world, I can change the world.

If you could have one super power, what would it be and why?

A more important question is what super power does Superman wish he had?!

I’d like to be able to type super fast!

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I’ve been kicking around in WordPress for a good few years now and I absolutely love working with it. At Automattic I work on the WordPress community team where I assist and support WordPress community organisers from all over the world. I’m totally passionate about WordPress, the community and all that it represents.

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  1. Bill Belew

    Hey, that’s me!

    Totally looking forward to seeing you all in about 6 weeks.

    I am working diligently on my talk to bring something special to the Cape Towners.

    Thanks for the invite.

    Bill Belew

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