Time Talks Workshops
7:30 amRegistration
9:00 amWelcome
9:15 amIs your website good enough for Google? Chantelle Bowyer
9:55 amWorkshop Session 1
10:30 amMorning Tea
11:05 amCode for Cape Town Emma Dicks
11:45 amGoing small to grow big Mark Forrester
12:25 pmKnowledge isn’t the problem – communication is Tomaž Zaman
1:00 pmLunch
2:10 pmW███████S Noel Tock
2:50 pmThoughts on Working Remotely Scott BasgaardWorkshop Session 2
3:25 pmAfternoon Tea
4:00 pmInnovating on top of the WordPress visual customizer Dave PerelWorkshop Session 3
4:40 pmThere’s more to ecommerce business than selling online Nic Haralambous
5:15 pmClosing
6:00 pmAfter Party

Friday 24 October: Contributor Day

The day after WordCamp we will be hosting Cape Town’s first Contributor Day – this is a chance for us to spend a day contributing to WordPress core code, helping out in the support forums, boosting documentation and reviewing themes. If you’ve never contributed to WordPress in this way before then this is a fantastic opportunity to find out how to do it and to get started in an awesome community environment.

Find out more info here.

Contributor Day Schedule

Time Contributor Day
9:00 amArrival & Registration
10:00 amBriefing
10:30 amSession 1
1:00 pmLunch
2:00 pmSession 2
5:00 pmClosing

Contributor Day will be held at the Daddy.O workspace in Woodstock.


The workshops are split up into 3 sessions that will run alongside the regular sessions. Each workshop session will include 2 workshops that have a maximum capacity of 20 people each. You can sign up for the workshops at the registration desk on the day of WordCamp – workshop spots are given on a first come, first served basis, so make sure you arrive early enough to secure your spot!

Available Workshops

Securing your WordPress site

Presented by Jeffrey Pearce in Workshop Session 1.

Making sure your WordPress website is secure from hackers is a hot topic these days. Learn how to write secure code to prevent attacks such as SQL injection, XSS, and CSRF using WordPress coding standards. We’ll also go through a few useful plugins to help on the server side as well.

Caching (all the things)

Presented by Gerhard Potgieter in Workshop Session 1.

Going through all the different types of caching available to WordPress developers while dispelling myths along the way and then provide a practical method of implementing fragment caching in your code.

Building your first WordPress plugin

Presented by Hugh Lashbrooke in Workshop Session 2.

Developing a WordPress plugin isn’t as daunting as it sounds. In this workshop, Hugh will show you how to get started with the code, provide some helpful tips and show you how to get your plugin added to the repository. You will be building a brand new plugin from start to finish in this workshop.

Who is this workshop for?

This workshop is for any developers who would like to get started building their first WordPress plugin, but just don’t quite know where to begin.

Speed up your theme development with GruntJS

Presented by Tomaž Zaman in Workshop Session 2.

If you haven’t heard yet, task runners are all the rage this days when it comes to frontend development. However, not many WordPress developers are familiar with them, so Tomaž will be presenting both an introduction to GruntJS (the most popular task runner) and it’s benefits for the developers as well as a hands on course on how to get started and how to most effectively use it for theme development. After this workshop, you’ll wonder how you managed to live without it! 🙂

Tools & tips to help you manage a remote team (or project)

Presented by Scott Basgaard in Workshop Session 3.

There are so many services, apps, and plugins that can help you and your team be more productive with work. Scott has been working specifically w/ WordPress for the past 7 years and hopes to share tips he’s learned along the way from working in client/product and on both remote and office teams.